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Thrive's annual fundraising event

All proceeds from our annual Film Festival go straight back into our community! Funds will bolster our housing fund that provides application fees, rental and deposit assistance for those in need.

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Enter your film!

Last year's inaugural film festival was held in the beautiful Tower Theatre, where we showcased films that highlighted stories about the working class, housing rights, and equity. 

This year we want the We Are Home film festival to reflect new voices, visions, and representations that we could not access through our own searches. We Are Home seeks to showcase films from new and upcoming filmmakers that center their work around finding home and belonging in ways that are not traditionally represented: those living in poverty, those experiencing homelessness, the working class, those seeking community in alternative ways, populations of color, indigenous populations, etc. 

We prefer that the films reflect communities and individuals in the United States, particularly the West Coast, but are open to any! Please let us know if you have any questions or need clarification.


If you are a creator and would like to enter your film into our film festival, click here to find out more! 

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Join us!


A full week of showings across Central Oregon, starting with our main showcase at the Tower Theatre in Bend!

April 13, 2024

Main event! Tower Theater, Bend 

April 17-20, 2024

Thursday, April 18th - Sisters, location TBD

Friday, April 19th - Madras, location TBD &

                               Prineville, location TBD

Saturday, April 20th - Redmond, location TBD       

Featured films

We're so excited to announce the first film we've selected for our festival - Companion by Unlocked Films. Filmed in Central Oregon, the film explores the deep bonds between humans and their loyal companions living outdoors and highlights partner organization, Companion Animal Medical Project (CAMP).

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